Room for one more…

September 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Not so long ago the iPhone was the only smart phone worth condsidering. Apple stole a march on their rivals with a revolutionary product and gained a seemingly unassailable market share.

But over time the competition has improved and Samsung appear to have now firmly established themselves as a credible alternative. It is a time consuming and expensive process. (HTC blamed their inability to compete at Samsung’s level on their limited marketing budget.)

Samsung’s progress reminds you that in markets dominated by a single player, there is always room for one more.

In web based software businesses it is interesting to look at the dynamics of market share and the levels of investment – as VCs try to catapult their investee company up to one of the top 2 or maintain their dominant position.

Recent examples include money going to fund online food ordering. JustEat  recentlty raisd a further $60m (total funding now $125m) and its rival Delivery Hero rasied a fruther $50m (total funding now $100m).

Similar patterns continue in areas such as taxi ordering (Uber/Hailo),  fashion (Fab/Matches) and handmade goods (Etsy/Notonthehighstreet).


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